Back to news Catching appetite: 4 main spring restaurant openings


Restaurants Salumeria and Nofar are in the list of spring projects.

In Moscow spring is coming on all fronts. Coats and fur jackets were replaced with leather jackets, the most courageous rode out on cabriolets and waiters are timidly putting tables on streets.

In restaurant live thaw also must come after the cold winter. And it came: every self-respecting restaurant group announced the opening. is answering the classic question “What is new?”.

Small Italy: Salumeria

Project of Uilliam Lamberti and the owner of Molecule Salumeria was the first opening of spring. Instead of expected meat shop emerged the whole trattoria/salumeria/coffee shop. It is the real exhibition of Italian food achievements in the heart of Patriarch district: from the rare coffee machine to authentic pizza oven. It is loud, cheerfully and truly tasty there.

Moroccan Moscow: Nofar

Restaurant Nofar of Arkady Novikov and again Uilliam Lamberti is currently working in test mode. Moroccan cuisine is yet very rare to our country, but for the group of Arkady Anatolievich it is an unexpected turn in the development of restaurant Moscow. It is hard to describe dishes – after all everything is novelty there that is why the reaction of the public is better to find out a little bit later. Restaurateurs themselves show up very often. It is seen that the restaurant is hands-on till the full adjustment of processes.