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Uilliam Lamberti tells, how he managed to lose weight.

Italians are used to abundance of food. I always liked to eat well. Even in the age of 6 I was able to eat myself the whole plate of pasta and ask for another one. Grandmothers and mothers in Italy as in Russia always want to feed kids.

Some years ago I understood that I must change my eating habits. I was weak and very tired and I was concerned that it can negatively influence my career and private life as well. My family and my wife Olga supported me and this helped me to lose 30 kilos in a year!

I am very grateful for my nutritionist Ekaterina Burlyaeva. She developed the individual program for me. My program is very flexible. I can add and exclude some products any time according to circumstances. Now I can feed my hunger with healthy vegetables and fruits, but not with sweets and bakery. Of course you need to have strong will. Sometimes I can allow myself a little bit more, but I have 2 fasting days per week.




However, healthy diet is not enough. I do boxing for many years. This kind of sport perfectly develops your coordination and burn calories. Now I swim and jog. Walking is a usual part of my daily routine. It refreshes after a working day.


When I lose weight, my friends and other people began to ask me how I managed do achieve this. I created UillToBe project to encourage other people and help them to lose weight. There you can find articles about healthy lifestyle, sport, travelling, Of course there is also a column with recipes.