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Personal guide from one of the main restaurateurs in Moscow.

Travelling is one of the greatest pleasures in the life. Perhaps it was predestined. I can call myself the person of the world. I was born in Germany, spent my childhood in Italy, lived and worked in France, England and of course Russia. I have a lot business trips and I also travel on holidays. It is a good way to know more not about the surrounding world, but also about yourself. And it is a good way to come up with new business ideas.

I travelled a lot, but Sicily is a special place for me. I suppose that it is hard to find better place for rest in Italy and in the whole world. Sicily impresses by its gorgeous beaches with turquoise water, nature and architecture monuments and local food.


Sicilian cuisine

In order to get acquainted with the Sicilian cuisine I advice you to visit family restaurants. For example, AlFaro in Cefalù. It is better to choose a table outside. This restaurant situates far away from touristic roads and has a beautiful view on beacon. There are fresh-caught swordfish, spaghetti with sea urchin and arancini, rice balls with vegetable and meat filling. You ought to pay special attention to Falsomagro dish. It is a roll with the egg, meat, ham and cheese filling, cooked in wine and tomato sauce. For the dessert you should order gelato, famous cannoli rolls, with mascarpone or ricotta and of course Granita, fruits ice chips.


Active holiday

It is hard not to gain 5-10 extra kilos in Sicily. That is why I try to keep myself in good shape. I walk and swim. Sea ride or diving is a good variant for active rest. During our last trip to Sicily I dived with my son. Michele was delighted! You may rent a boat and swim from Taormina to Siracusa. But we liked the coast of Catania. There is an excellent market in Catania, where fishermen sell their catch. I buy there fresh fish and cook traditional Sicilian dishes.


Historical places

I try to fill every journey with amazing discoveries for my children. This summer they learned a lot about the nature of Sicily visiting botanical garden in Palermo. Since the 18-th century people have been cultivating medical plants. Today you may study examples of rare plants, seaweeds and mushrooms. For me it was also very interesting.


Wine cellars

There are many wine cellars in Sicily. You can taste perfect wine there and have a delicious lunch. One of my favorite is Azienda Agricola Puppilo in Siracusa. It is a big household with orange gardens, small farm, family-owned restaurant and vineyards. Sun, fresh air, refined food and wine – what else do you need to get into the spirit of Sicily?