Back to news Why tattoos are addiction?


Uilliam Lamberti in his author’s column tells about his love to tattoos.

Restaurateur Uilliam Lamberti is a proud holder of numerous tattoos. He explains, why the picture on the body is a lifestyle comparable to addiction.

Today tattoo is a valuable peace of art and special lifestyle. It is not only a pattern on the body, but also the extension of a person. I have lots of tattoos and I love all of them, because each tattoo is the resemblance of my life.

The very first tattoo I made at the age of 19 years old when I served in the army. Each tattoo has its own history. For example, one I made in honor of my brother. Now it is hard to count my tattoos. Nearly all hands are covered with them. Meanwhile I do not regret of any of them. Before making the new one, I think for a long period of time, for about 3 or 4 years.

All my tattoos are Polynesian patterns. Earlier only Polynesian aristocrats and senior military officials were allowed to make tattoos. That is how they stood out against the background of other people. The opposite trend was in our society. Earlier tattoos on hands or fingers did not match the business etiquette. But today you may see business people with different tattoos on different body parts. It is particularly recognizable in New York and in Europe.

People often ask me if I will allow my children to make tattoos. I am telling you with certainty that I cannot forbid them. If I say “No”, the will anyway do like they want. But I wish them wait until the age of 18. The only thing I appeal to, whether it is necessary to make tattoo and which meaning it carries.


Some time ago I stopped making new tattoos, because my wife Olga did not approve them. But I still think about some new tattoos, for example, on legs. But I do not know, when I will be able to fulfill this dream. That is right they say, when you make one tattoo, you cannot stop making another. It is a real addiction.