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Brand-chef and a co-owner of “Uilliam’s”, “Ugolek”, “Pinch” and “Severyane”


Wanna ice cream? Just kidding! Actually what you see on the photo is tartare. Under “vanilla” ice cream beef tartare with parmesane foam is hidden. For the “pistachio” one I took tuna and made a foam of broccoli, and for “strawberry” ice cream – salmon and a foam based on sun-dried tomatoes. Jokes aside, this is really tasty.


Ice cream-shaped tartare


Lie to me: How to make a tomato out of pate, and a scallop – out of cottage cheese.




Chilled beef tenderloin- 60gr

Celery – ½ tsp.

Carrot – ½ tsp.

Fresh cucumbers – ½ tsp.

Gherkins – ½ tsp.

Finely chopped capers – a pinch

Dijon mustard – a bit more than 1 tsp.

Salt – to taste

Black ground pepper – some peas



Cream 33% – 500gr

Parmesan – 150 gr (can be replaced with any hard cheese)

Paste of black truffle – optional




Dice all ingredients and mix them for the tartare. Then heat up cream, add grated cheese and purée using blender, add truffle pasta and whisk.

If there is no pastry horn, you can roll up baking paper in a cone and full it with tartare. Lay out sauce using pastry bag atop. Optionally you can decorate it with breadcrumbs (crumble bread, fry with oil in a pan, lay out on a paper towel so that oil flows down) or with ground pepper.