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The opening of «Salumeria» restaurant.

Patriarch region is no doubt the leader by the number of its restaurants on square meter in Moscow. New places continue to open. Sometimes they emerge in fresh spaces and sometimes they open in place of not very successful closed projects. Thus Salumeria, the first restaurant of Vladimir Davidi, has opened nearby his other project, the shop of selective perfumery Molecule, in place of restaurant «Мамина Паста».

Brand-chef is Uilliam Lamberti. He is a little bit nervous that the food here is not author like in all his projects, but traditional, right down to the dishes cooked according to the recipes of his mother. By the way, Uilliam understands that it is a new tendency to cook moderately modern and traditionally. Moscow is still lack of this concept. There are many Italians in the team, especially in the kitchen. Two the most brightest are Giuseppe Peluzo from Napoli (he has already worked in Samara), chef-barista Salvatore Cherazuolo from Rome.

There are many pizzas in menu, pasta, one risotto (but perfect, with artichokes), and lots of starters. Gastronomy is working at the restaurant. You may take away roast beef, baked bell peppers, cannelloni with ricotta and spinach, marinated salmon and salad with octopus and potato.

Quotes from the menu

«Margarita», 550 rub., «Pepperoni», 600 rub., pizza with spinach and egg, 550 rub., pizza with roast beef, arugula and Parmesan, 950 rub., «Rome-style» artichokes, 400 rub., cannelloni with ricotta and spinach, 350 rub., salad with tomatoes, ricotta and basil, 650 rub., baked bell peppers from gastronomy, 200 rub. per 100 gr, marinated salmon from gastronomy, 350 rub. per 100 gr.