Back to news What will happen to restaurants in 2018?


Uilliam Lamberti tells how the restaurant industry will look like in 2018.

The tendencies, which appeared in the previous year, will establish themselves in 2018. Mediterranean cuisine, new wave of popularity of Italian cuisine, Jewish gastronomic shops. We will see “old” new study of French cuisine. Recently it began to change. It became more interesting getting rid of old traditions. Of course the interest of japan and Middle East from Israel to Syria will grow on.

Healthy lifestyle influences more and more restaurateurs. There will be more concepts connected with healthy eating. People already know about smoothie, raw desserts and gluten free bread. In the nearest future all of them will be in the menu of restaurants. It is hard to find out where tendencies come from and who create them. Many ideas are emulated from another countries. However they are not copied and develop in something new in Moscow.