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Nofar and Salumeria are in the list of the most noticeable restaurants in Moscow.

ELLE chose tho most interesting new places, for which critics predict big future.

Italian restaurant Salumeria Moscow

Salumeria Moscow is the gulp of hot Roman air at Patriarch district. The idea belongs to the creator of the project of parfume art Molecule Vladimir Davidi and to Uilliam Lamberti – the last has no need to be presented. Salumeria is a shop with Italian specialties. But Lamberti and Davidi rethought this concept. Their homelike restaurant with friendly atmosphere and Italian touch turned out very bohemian.

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Moroccan Nofar

Two gastronomic guru initiated collaborative project – Moroccan restaurant Nofar ( in translation «lotus») at the Badaevskiy brewery. Lamberti created the menu, but Moroccans are cooking: dishes turned out much lighter with the smaller quantity if spices, but with the great attention to the way of cooking – by firewood.