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Restaurateur Uilliam Lamberti tells about the local products and the business after collapse of ruble.

We used local products even before the imposing of sanctions. But we also used many imported products. To replace them with some local products was a huge problem. There were not many farmers, who produced high-quality food, and all of them were in high demand. Nevertheless we found some solutions. Eventually we found good suppliers, from whom we purchase meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, berries, and mushrooms. Now we have ¾ of local products and ¼ of imported products.

Recently we see the trend of all local things, including food. One by one farmers shops and eco-shops with country potato and goat cheese are opened. Customers are ready to pay a lot for wholegrain bread. Many people, who live in Moscow, again began to visit markets.

Slow food movement, when people use local products and try to preserve traditions of its nation, is very popular nowadays. Restaurants draw attentions of guests on using seasonal, ecologic and fresh products.

Average bill in Moscow restaurants didn’t grow much in general. Sanctions didn’t scare off people. They can order fewer dishes. For example, have a meal without a dessert. Today people have less money that is why it is very important to moderate price inflation.

We try to keep prices in a middle level. We create more democratic variants of work. For example, in 2016 we opened the chain of street food cafés. It is successful and profitable project, because it matches the currents trend.

From my point of view, the events of last years were a good stimulus for restaurateurs and chefs. You can easily experiments and create new dishes and find new variants of work. It was a challenge and strong players were not afraid to meet it.