Back to news Uilliam Lamberti: “There are not enough of Russian farmers for all the restaurateurs”


Uilliam Lamberti talks about his plan on 2018 year.

What should we expect from you in the near future?

All my attention and force are concentrated on two new projects, which will open very soon.

The concept of the first restaurant is France, but not in a classic form.


Not quite. It is a contemporary French cuisine mixed with other gastronomic trends, but in a style of Uilliam Lamberti. Giacomo Lombardi my friend and colleague is also involved in the process.

And what about the name?


What does it mean?

The same as “ma cherie”, which means “my darling”.

You mean “My darling Lamberti”?

No! No! Quite the contrary: Lamberti with love to dear guests!

Tell us about the second project.

It is called Montifiori. The concept of the project is a new Mediterranean cuisine. It will not be Italy of France. Accent are very unusual – Japanese, eastern. Top Israel chefs help with the creation of a menu. Dudu Elmakias and Yossi Shitrit.

Where will it be?

Also on Malaya Bronnaya street. On the place of Bottega 21.

While creating the menu how desperate is the lack of good products?

There are not so many good products, it is true. I think many restaurateurs face such problem. It is impossible to have only local products in a complex project. There are not enough farmers for all the restaurateurs.