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Breakfasts at Salumeria Moscow.


Chef Thomas Cassa will make Italian breakfasts for you., counting your Russian habits. Even in Milano there are not so many croissants: vegetarian (320 rubles), with salmon (550 rubles), with ham and cheese (500 rubles), with parma (500 rubles), with almond (300 rubles). Fans of omelets may odder frittata (250 rubles) and salmon crostone (700 rubles), mushroom crostone (350 rubles), burrata with dried bread (450 rubles), chicken egg (50 rubles). Those who are on a diet can order oat porridge (250 rubles) and wild berries milk (350 rubles). And those who loves all in one time can order “Salumeria” plate – a giant plate with bacon, poached eggs, mozzarella, and potato graten. You can add to each dish artichokes, mushrooms, bacon, salmon and spinach.

On week days from 10 to 12, on weekends till 16.00.

Other restaurants with breakfasts: Saxon + Parole, Breakfast club, Michele bakery.