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Interview with Uilliam Lamberti about new restaurants, gastronomy and lifestyle.

One of the most successful Moscow chefs, brutal intellectual Uilliam lamberi opens new restaurants almost every month.  We met Uilliam and learned about his love to “herring under a fur coat”, kosher Parmesan and tailored suites.

How many restaurants do you have?

Uilliam’s, Ugolёk, Pinch, Severyane, AVIV, ZIZO. Not long time ago I opened interesting project Salumeria with businessmen Vladimir Davidi. Soon I with Arkadiy Novikov will open Nofar Moroccan restaurant on the territory of Badaevskiy brewery. There are also some projects and maybe restaurant of Russian cuisine.

Is AVIV a kosher restaurant?

Yes, it is situated in Jewish religious and cultural center. On the upper floor is milk café. At the bottom is meat restaurant. There is now Italian menu. But we are planning to upgrade it.

Does it mean that there is a middle-east period in your work?

Many are trying to create something new in Moscow. Restaurant of middle-eastern and African cuisines are undoubtedly in the trend. I love Israel and visited it 10 times this year. Very soon we with Arkadiy Novikov are opening new restaurant of Moroccan cuisine Nofar. The famous chef Nofar Zoar consulted us. She is superstar in Israel. In honor of her we named the restaurant.

Do you like Russian cuisine?

I have to like it, because I live for 20 years in Moscow. It is impossible to eat all the time pasta and Parma ham. But the point is not in the “new Russian cuisine”, I do not understand it. The point is in tradition. I like “herring under a fur coat”, “Mimosa” salad very much. When I want to relax, I go to the Russian or Georgian restaurant with my family.

What are your favorite restaurants in Moscow?

When I have time, I visit “Vysota 5642”. You can find there the sweetest tomatoes in Moscow. I like “Tsarskaya ohota” for its Russian dishes. We often visit “Dr. Zhivago”. There is a nice atmosphere there.

Name 5 products, which are in your fridge any time

Cheese especially kosher Parmesan. Wine, eggs, kosher sausages, tomatoes and quark. My children like syrniki very much.

Do you cook at home?

I cook only on the weekends. During working week my wife cooks. My favorite dish is pasta with chili pepper and Parmesan.

Many people notice that you have a special style not only in a cuisine, but in the way you wear clothes. What is your secret?

I don not have image-maker, but I have two tailors who sew clothes for me. Andrea Padovan and Alfonso Leonardi. They are Italians, but they often visit Moscow.

What is the most terrible dish you have ever tried?

I am very curious and I always want to try something new. The only one thing I cannot eat is insects, which are sold in Vietnam and Thailand.

Did you have teachers?

I had many teachers. Alen Sanderans, Stefano Kavallini, Arkadiy Novikov.