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GQ.RU. GQ Travel Club united in «Utkino Country House»


Uilliam Lamberti took part in a journey of GQ Travel Club.

After two hours of flught and two more hours of transfer guests reached «Utkino Country House». The owner and the idea initiator Aleksey Frolov welcomed guests and followed them to the reception, where they tasted black caviar and fresh cucumbers bruschettas.

After that was an aperitif beside the pool with the dish full of crayfishes. In the same day there was a special dinner. Salted watermelon and hanged venison amazed even restaurateurs as Uilliam Lamberti and Boris Zarkov.




The next day guests had an excursion at the territory of «Utkino Country House». They saw horse stable and special suites for just married couples, which are based in the mill. On lunch guests had traditional fish soup.

On the evening there was a splendid dinner. Guests exchanged their emotions and impressions and made collective photo.