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The handmade charity prize

On 23rd December the Minister of the Moscow Government and the Head of the Department of Culture, Sergei Kapkov, first awarded the prize “Pleasant place” to some of the city’s socially active institutions. The award was created by the founders of the project Handmadecharity, Anna Pinska and Olga Fleur.

Speaking elegantly of the cohost, famous chef Elena Usanova, Sergei said special stickers and certificates would be awarded to 16 cafes and restaurants: Bontempi, Latuk, Zupperia, Honest, Torro Grill, Osteria Bianca, Michel’s Bakery, Mercato, Buono, Le Pain Quotidien, Herculis Studio, Max Brenner Chocolate Bar, No Crepe, Dubrava, Brocard and Chocolate. Also a prize was awarded to the Handmade Charity’s project partners – The business club Cabinet Lounge, Danilovsky market and GetTaxi.The award “Pleasant place”, established by Handmade Charity and supported by the Department of Culture of Moscow, is designed to support urban restaurants and cafes, through the organisation of charity events.

For a year the Handmade charity team will spend every weekend cooking classes for children with disabilities in urban schools. The aim of this initiative – to engage cafes and restaurants in active social activities, to encourage them to open their doors and put on special events for people with disabilities, where they would feel comfortable in a big city.

The presentation was held in a friendly, warm atmosphere, including the following circle of friends:
Uilliam Lamberti and Natalia Sedova (Zupperia, Honest), Valentino Bontempi (Bontempi), Nikolai Borisov (Mercato), Sergei Stepanisheva (Torro Grill), Maxim Livesey (Herculis Studio), Snegoli Tishinkas (Buono), Dmitry Ryseva (Osteria Bianca), Oksana Legoute (Max Brenner Chocolate Bar), Natalia Dzhariani (Le Pain Quotidien), Anna Adanina (Kosher Chocolate), Pavel Fedorov (No Crepe), Anna Sverdlova (Latuk), Catherine Kanishcheva (Michel’s Bakery).Friends of the project: Svetlana Zalyubovina (, Artush Sahakyan (GetTaxi), Maxim Popov (Danilov market), Maya Lepir (Taste of Moscow) and distinguished guests: Azamat Tseboeva, Natalia Spirina, Maxim Rapoport, Vasily Tsereteli, Nadezhda Volobuyeva (Fund Dearheart).

Sergei Kapkova’s final phrase of the evening can be considered as the event’s motto: “at a time when money is worthless, it is doubly important to appreciate human relations.”