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Ilya T’utenkov and Uilliam Lamberti – about how to become gastrorevolution precursors


In honor of fifth anniversary of Uilliam’s restaurateurs recall on how the city and Muscovites’ tastes have changed through these years.
In June 2011 has opened named after chef Uilliam Lamberti restaurant Uilliam’s on Malaya Bronnaya St. Lamberti has been working in Moscow for more than 10 years, he started his career here working for Novikov, and now he, together with restaurateur Ilya T’utenkov, participates in four Moscow projects at once: Uilliam’s and Pinch on Patriarch’s Ponds, Ugolek on Bol’shaya Nikitskaya and “Severyane” that opened this spring.
In honor of the fifth anniversary of one of key places of the city The Village talked with Ilya T’utenkov and Uilliam Lamberti about Uilliam’s, Muscovites and changes that has happened to the city through these five years.
Ilya T’utenkov

Uilliam’s almost has’t changed throughout five years. Actually we wanted to make a place that, on one hand, would be focused on the locals, and on the other – on foodies-audience. This phenomenon was just emerging these days. But the restaurant turned out to be more popular: through five years it, of course, has had a huge amount of fans waves, but the core audience has always been stable – it is very rare thing and, frankly speaking, we did not expect it to be like this. I am not sure if there’s any connection, but after our project gastronomic revolution happened on Patriarch’s Ponds. To my mind, all the restaurateurs of this city want to get here nowadays. There appear lots of places with different energy, concept, soul – that’s awesome.
Of course, tastes of Moscow citizens have changed a lot throughout this time. Some things appeared that we could not even think of in 2011. For example, more and more restaurants with author cuisine with extremely comfortable realization get opened today, some of them are tailored to chefs; a lot of new restaurant teams that differ from the mainstream that was five years ago. I want to thank all the people who work with us throughout these years. Uilliam’s is one big, stable and solid team. By the way, many work with us from the very beginning – as far as both kitchen and dining space are concerned. It is pretty rear phenomenon in the current circumstances.
Uilliam Lamberti
Originally we wanted to create calm cozy restaurant, but on the very first today a lot of people came – it was unexpected, but pleasurable. Speaking of Patriarch’s Ponds now and five years ago, it was not as lively here, even chamber, but today everyone wants to get there – both visitors and restaurateurs. Before Uilliam’s Moscow restaurants had not menus but Talmuds. We were among the first restaurants who have refused this. It was pretty tough at first, people didn’t get used to it at once, but look, how many restaurants make small menus today. We try to change the menu every one and a half or two months, but there are some positions that are always there – such as bruschetta with crab, risotto with tartare, spaghetti with crab and Uilliam’s cookies. By the way, the last appeared in a result of confectionery error – they just forgot to add flour!