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Initially opening was scheduled for September, 2015, but development and menu testing took more time than it was presumed, and that is why final opening took place only in the middle of February. The place is owned by restaurateur Ilya T’utenkov and chef Uilliam Lamberti, whom also belongs restaurant “Ugolek” next door to “Severyane”, and gastronomically magnetic points at Patriarch’s Ponds – Pinch (a rare place for this area that starts working at 11 AM) and Uilliam’s.

Traditional testing dinner took place a couple of weeks before the opening – a common thing for T’utenkov’s and Lamberti’s new places. This evening friends of the place and inhabitants of neighboring houses could have tried about dozen of dishes from the assumed menu and written a comment on every one of them or leave feedback (for this purpose were handed out sheets with names of the dishes and pencils). By doing so founders killed two birds with one stone: they reminded of the upcoming opening and selected for the menu supposed hits only.

Chef in the new place is Georgy Troyan – in 2015 he won an annual competition for young cooks called “Silver triangle”. Georgy has graduated from Le Cordon Bleu cooking school and before “Severyane” worked at a Moscow restaurant “Brown fox and lazy dog”, and also – at Four Seasons Hotel Moscow Bystro.
“Severyane”’s interior was designed by Natalya Belonogova, who is also in charge of design in “Ugolek”, Pinch, AQ Kitchen, Madame Wang and Santo Spirito. She has chosen dark colors for that and diluted them with red furniture and flashes of colored dishes. It now looks peculiar and slightly gloomy (definitely gloomier than in most places of 2015): huge candlesticks on the tables, and lamps hanging on invisible cords and imitating flame of tens of candles under the ceiling. Ware is worth mentioning as a separate point: shining green, bright orange and red plates on a table make you remember at once both Kazimir Malevich and Piet Mondrian.
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