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Daria Zivina about restaurant “Salumeria”.

The first salumeria was opened at Patriarch Ponds, though, as it always happens in Moscow, it surpasses Italian original for several times by the number of options. Besides grocery with ready antipasti, chesses and Italian salami itself, Salumeria represents also full-value restaurant with the simplest homemade Italian food, coffee house with the 1936 coffee machine Victoria Arduino under control of the Rome barista Salvatore Cherasuolo, cocktail bar with the classic Italian mixes and the separate hall with chef’s table for 20 people in the kitchen space downstairs. Chic interior fully transforming the space of the former restaurant «Mamina Pasta», turned out completely different from other restaurant spaces at Patriarch Ponds. Marble tables and chairs from Italy, molding on the ceiling, closest seating arrangement and wright lightening create the feeling of true European comfort and ease, unless model-looking hostess meeting everybody at the entrance remind us that we are not in Rome, but in Moscow.