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Pizza in Salumeria is one of the best in Moscow, according to Darya Tsivina.

Today I tell you where is the best pizza. Personally, I know only one place, where pizza is no worse than in Italy, I mean, those pizza, which is close to its original form. The filling is not as important. I think the simpler pizza is, the better it tastes. The ideal maximum is “four cheeses” and ideal minimum is pizza with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil. In “Salumeria” you may order any kind of pizza starting with the simplest “Margarita”. You will not miscalculate. The price is not low, starting at 550 rubles, but it fully matches the quality.

The second place in “Salvatore”. Recently there was the best pizza in Moscow. You may order “Margarita”, “Quatro Karni” and tuna, red onion pizza. Prices start at 340 rubles. The third place if “Donna Margarita”. Prices start at 450 rubles. Pay attention to truffles pizza and calabreze pizza.

I am vigilant about pizza in chain restaurants. So I don’t advise to go to Bocconcino or IL Forno. I don’t approve any kind of innovations. So I don’t recommend Pinzeria by Bontempi or Zotman Pizza Pie.