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Chef, pizzaiolo and barista speak about Italian cuisine.


Thomas Cassa

What is the essence of Italian cuisine in your opinion?

The essence of Italian cuisine and its difference from the French one is the products. People are able to cook interesting dishes from two or three cheap ingredients.

Can you give some examples?

As many aw you want! “Bolognaise” sauce were invented because of the need to use meat trims. Polenta helped people to survive for 20 years after the war. Nobody had money, but mushrooms were free for everybody.


Is there any difference between the cuisine of northern and southern Italy?

Butter and olive oil that is the main difference. Olive oil became popular in northern regions only 60 years ago. Before this time people used butter. On the south of Italy people prefer olive oil.

What is your advice for a person travelling to Italy?

It is very subjective. Each region in Italy has its own cuisine. The raveling from north to south is interesting itself.



How are you doing in Moscow?

Very good, thank you. Recently I have worked for 3 years in Glasgow, Scotland. But I am from Rome.


What is the main secret of pizza?

There are no big secrets. You should only put your heart and soul into this process. There are of course some fundamental things. You should feel the dough. I adapted it to Moscow tastes. This pizza is thicker than Roman. And also Russians don’t like black bubbles on a pizza. So I slightly reduced the heat.