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Moscow: 7 places with the best breakfasts


Tell you where to have tasty and lovely breakfast in Moscow.


Whatever you may say, but Pushkin still remains number one restaurant in Moscow. The list of reasons for this is endless.

Perhaps it is all about impressive interiors, the interesting and tasty menu, flawless/perfect serving and the prices, quite adequate for such place? Breakfasts in Pushkin are excellent.

Try emmer wheat porridge with strawberry for 270 rub, you will (as well?) learn what is emmer wheat.

Don’t refuse house cottage cheese with raisin and candied fruits for 465 rub.

Order fried eggs of super healthy and tasty quail eggs with the golden edges (470 rub), or just decide on the crunchy pancakes with veal (560 rub) and a honey cake (455 rub).

Wash down a breakfast with hot chocolate with coffee and freezing cream (180 rub). And then, of course, go to the gym because there were so many calories in your lovely and tasty breakfast that, apparently, you can gain weight because of just at thought of it.


The new restaurant project of Alexander Rappoport is the whole restaurant complex united by the meat gastronomic concept.

It includes Voronezh and Meat Club restaurants, a butchery and a snackbar.

The complex occupies four floors in a mansion of the end of the 18th century and has 250 seats.

On the first floor there are a snackbar and a butcher shop. The menu includes meat products that are exclusive for Moscow: pastrami, corn-beaf, baked brain bones and unique burgers.

On the second floor there is Voronezh restaurant, on the third — the updated legendary “Meat club” which moved from Kuznetsky Bridge.

The menus on all floors are different and very tasty. For breakfast in “Meat club”, for example, they offer cheesecakes with sour cream (340 rub), fermented baked milk casserole (320 rub), rural muesli with yogurt (340 rub), fruit yogurt salad (240 rub), milk soups for 120 rub (vermicelli and rice), eggs dishes, hash browns (from 200 rub), croissants, pancakes and toasts.

Menus also have a wide choice of porridges: besides classical porridge with tasty fillers, there is semolina with poached egg (160 rub), a buckwheat one with giblets (160 rub), barley porridge with beef cheeks (380 rub).

“Lyudi kak Lyudi”


The tiny cafe on Kitay-gorod which is opened from 8 in the morning till 11 in the evening and also at night on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Fans of “Propaganda” are familiar with this place not by hearsay and very much recommend to drop in, because the hosts here know a lot about inexpensive and tasty food and are able to create pleasant atmosphere.

In the menu there are hot sandwiches on freshly baked ciabatta or Eight Cereals bread (with chicken and coriander sauce; a turkey, Swiss cheese and the baked onions; with home-made carbonade, arugula and the baked pepper, etc. — for 160 rub), various pies (with chicken, salmon, champignons, eggplants, spinach and sheep cheese — for 170 rub), remarkable fruit cocktails (160 rub) and milkshakes (170 rub).

There are cheesecakes (140 rub), tiramisu and cheesecake (170 rub), sweet croissants and carrot cake (60 rub). The order can be taken away.

Breakfast café

The cafe at the very beginning of Malaya Nikitskaya Street that is focused on breakfasts.

The idea of cuisine is simple and clear: breakfasts, meaning omelets, porridges, pancakes and so on, but from morning till the night, if more precisely, from 8 in the morning and till 11 in the night.

In the menu there are also salads, soups and desserts. For breakfast they offer eggs on white or black bread (from 390 rub), porridges with different fillers (berries, jam), cooked on water, on milk or at 50/50 (270 rub), pancakes (with blueberry, banana — from 390 rub).

Everything is tasty, nutritious, inexpensive.



The place hiding under the simple name is not some mediocre cafe, but very beautiful restaurant that is not cheap.

Coffee is cooked perfectly here, of course, and food as well.

For breakfast they offer Bénédicte’s eggs with ham (490 rub) and a salmon (650 rub), poached egg in spinach with Parmesan sauce (450 rub), to classic of a genre — an omelet and fried eggs (350 rub), porridges 390 rub (oat, millet, rice, “Four cereals”), pancakes (with oil — 310 rub, banana, caramel and chocolate — 390 rub, with mincemeat — 450 rub, and, of course, with red caviar and cream cheese — 510 rub).

You will find vanilla cheesecakes (390 rub), lazy cottage cheese dumplings (450 rub), cottage cheese casserole (490 rub) in the “Cottage cheese&milk” menu section.

If you prefer nourishing and detailed breakfasts, there are options on this case. For example, salmon with hash browns and a green mix (630 rub), quesadilla with veal or chicken (550 rub).

In Coffeemania there is also a sandwich bar where you can make your own compound sandwich if the various menu didn’t inspire you!


Uilliam Lamberti and Ilya Tyutenkov’s restaurant is a stylish and very “manly” place. And that is due to antiquarian pig-iron furnaces of the middle of the XIX and the beginning of the XX century from the USA.

In those furnaces all hot dishes are cooked, and that affects not only taste, but also creates the unique atmosphere of the place.

Food here is, of course, a little bit brutal, but as it is written in the menu, “for intelligent people”, modern and tasty.

Range of dishes impresses: confit duck with polenta and plum (650 rub), gazpacho with a shrimp (450 rub) perfectly get on with a chocolate flan (400 rub), zephyr with passion fruit (250 rub), banana pie and carrot cake (400 rub).

Brasserie Bridge

Having combined their efforts, misters Mamut and Rappoport created worthy place where you want not only to have breakfast, but also dinner and supper.

Especially – to have supper and by all means in a new dress. Big windows, gilded lamps, tables with white cloths… Here you involuntarily assume dignified air and become somehow better.

It is especially cozy to have breakfast in a brasserie French cafe where bohemians can be met traditionally.

For breakfast they offer farmer yogurt (220 rub), cheesecakes with toppings at choice (540 rub), home-made cottage cheese casserole (520 rub), pancakes (from 280 rub) and fritters (from 1150 rub), granola (from 280 rub) and porridges with fillers (from 250 rub), Bénédicte’s eggs (from 580 rub), an omelet, fried or scrambled eggs with fillers (from 300 rub) and, of course, there is a lot of most various pastries!

Come and try, we can not list this tasty menu any more!