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Coffee at Salumeria restaurant.



Coffee in the restaurant is made from manually collected coffee beans. You can find classics in the menu (75% from Salvador, 25% from India) – tart coffee with well-expressed fragrant notes. There is also gourmet coffee (60% from Ethiopia, 40% from Guatemala) – medium strong coffee, but very rich and fragrant. Waiters can clearly explain the difference and give comments about a taste.

But you should visit this place for local specialties. For example, cappuccino with zabaglione, Bicerin Torinese (chocolate liquor, double espresso, whipped cream), Moretto Marchigiano alla canella (coffee, cacao, cream, cinnamon) and Caffee del Marinaio (sailor’s coffee with alcohol). We strongly recommend chocolate coffee, typical for south of Italy. Guests may choose one of four types: dark chocolate, white chocolate, gianduia, chocolate with orange.