Back to news Rules of time management: Uilliam Lamberti about his ability to keep up


Uilliam Lamberti revealed his secrets of proper time management.

In 19996 I moved to Russia and the rapid pace of life immediately absorbed me. Over the years I learned how to manage your time. Time management is very important skill for any person, especially if we are speaking about huge projects. Now I am occupied at Uillim’s, Ugolёk, Pinch, Severyane, ZIZO, Salumeria and AVIV. In the nearest future I am planning to open several new places. For example, the other day the new project with Arkady Novikov, Moroccan restaurant Nofar athe the badaevskiy brewery will be opened. It is very interesting, but time-consuming and tough process. That is why in this column I would like to reveal my secrets of how I manage to keep up with everything.