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Uilliam Lamberti told about his recent travel to Israel and shared the recipes of favorite dishes.

Not long ago I provided advices of better time management with the readers of OK-MAGAZINE. But another rule of high productivity is a holiday.

This year on May holidays we went to one of my most favorite city Tel-Aviv, which unites three important attributes: sun, sea and hummus. It is always warm in Israel, nice people are around you and the main feature is that this country has very positive energy. Besides, street food in Tel-Aviv is very tasty: falafel, shawarma, pomegranate fresh is sold everywhere, fresh olives, fruits and berries.

It was very intense rest, separate point of which was the immersion into local culture and cuisine. I visited many restaurants, but especially I recommend wine cellar Abouhav Winery at Zafat and middle-eastern restaurant Dr. Shakshuka at Jaffa Port.










By the way, in Israel I met Nofar Zohar, the consulting chef in Nofar restaurant (my collaborative project with Arkady Novikov). I share with you the recipes of two popular appetizers (meze), which are also served at Nofar, to give you the flavor of Middle East in your home. They are light vegetable dishes matbuha and babaganush.



Pilati tomatoes – 12,5 gr

Garlic – 250 gr

Red bell pepper – 400 gr

Chili pepper – 200 gr

Salt – according to your taste

Cumin – according to your taste

Fry garlic and chili pepper. Add bell pepper and fry them with spices. Add tomatoes. Cook the dish, stirring it every 10-15 minutes until it becomes two times smaller. Add salt and cumin according to your taste.


Baked eggplant – 500 gr

Olive oil – 30 gr

Tahini – 200 gr

Garlic – 10 gr

Salt – according to your taste

Lemon fresh – 20 gr

Bake eggplants until they will be ready. After that peel them. Cut eggplants into middle cubes and mix them with other ingredients (tahini, salt, garlic, olive oil and lemon fresh), add spices.