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Uilliam Lamberti told about his new project CocoLambert

How did France appeared in your life?

One of my teachers was French chef Alien Senderens. I worked with him for several years in Lucas Carton restaurant. He showed me many interesting things in French cuisine and I always wanted to apply this experience in Moscow.


Do you think that the French cuisine is good for everyday meal?

Of course! We cherish traditional French recipes, but change them. For example, there is dish called Coq au Vin. It is a rooster cooked in wine for several hours. But we made instead chicken in a wine sauce.


Aren’t you afraid that people will not understand French cuisine?

I hope that Moscow people will like my new project and its dishes. They have a great taste.


What do you recommend to try at CocoLambert?

Everything! Everyday we cook a new dish. We recreated the tradition of Plat du Jour and we are ready to surprise our guests every day. You may try duck leg confit.


And what about the dessert?

There are no croissants in the menu, but you may try Tart Tatin or chocolate truffle, crème brule. The recipe of the tarte is a classic one. We cook them and cut them in front of the guests.