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Pinch – the new restaurant

A new restaurant at Patriarch’s Ponds from the founders Uilliam’s and Ugolёk – Pinch
Moscow, Bolshoy Palashevsky lane, 2
+7 (495) 691-99-88
Mon-Sun 19: 00-00: 00
Score: 1500 rubles

A new gastro hotspot has appeared at Patriarch’s Ponds courtesy of restaurateur Ilya Tyutenkovu («Uilliam’s» and «Ugolёk”). It can be safely called a culinary trendsetter because of the strength of the way that it smoothly and harmoniously creates and implements new trends. In the kitchen four hands are at work, just two well-known chefs with experimental spirits – Uilliam Lamberti and Luigi Mani. It is thanks to them, in the eyes of the growing new class of gourmets, that we can competently talk about Nordic and other unusual (until recently) gastronomic destinations.

First of all, Pinch – a classic bistro. To put it simply, gastronomic trends in simple interiors and natural food. In the duo Uilliam acts as the player-coach, and Luigi the chef.The cuisine can be defined as a mix of New Nordic Cuisine with new American, a small menu within which, we found even lighter shades of Peruvian food. The mix of all the above is the author’s perception of the two merited chefs – is a bold experiment by the creators of «Pinch».
Minimalistic design: wooden tables and chairs, almost as if they have been teleported from some Scandinavian restaurant, an open kitchen occupies a third of the room and is clearly the main focus. It is perfectly comfortable to sit at the bar whilst waiting for a table. The room is small, with no unnecessary details.The menu will be updated monthly by twenty percent, and while the restaurant is in test mode, you can share with your impressions chefs.
Recommended: ricotta salad with honey, chicken pate, ceviche dorado, “Sphere” dessert (raspberry / chocolate / snow).
Cuisine: Authentic / New Nordic / New American.
Atmosphere: friendly / relaxed.
Likely to be found there: foodies, locals, designers, creative minds.
Need to know: “Pinch”, is a direct translation of the Russian and the logo of the restaurant is a fingerprint, so that if you are suddenly asked to make your way alone, do not get lost.