Scallops with carrot hummus




  • Melted butter 15gr
  • Thyme 1gr
  • Garlic, peeled 5gr
  • Seed oil 22gr
  • Scallop, scaled 80gr
  • Beet-root 22gr
  • Baked carrots 30gr
  • Carrot hummus 40gr
  • Butter 6gr
  • Olive oil 15gr
  • Spinach, cleaned 2gr
  • Vegetable broth 10gr
  • Sea salt 1gr
  • Hazelnuts 6gr



Fry scallops with olive oil. Bake carrots, puree it with tahini paste, olive oil, salt and jeera, using blender.

Bake onions, carrot and celery until soft. Cover with water and steam in a stewpot until thick.

Cook beet-root adding a bit of vinegar until ready. Bake carrot in an oven until soft.

Serve, spreading hummus over the plate, put fried scallops, pieces of baked carrot and beets on it. Decorate with spinach leaves and hazelnuts, pour vegetable Demi-glace atop.


Recipe: Uilliam Lamberti, Georgy Troyan

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Tags: seafood


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