Sweet cherry with almond ice cream



  • 10 gr of dried white sweet cherry
  • 35 gr of sweet cherries
  • 20 of crushed fried almonds
  • 250 ml of 33% cream
  • 5 gr of coffee beans
  • 20 gr of trimolina (liquid sugar)
  • 5 gr of glucose syrup
  • 1 gr of agar agar
  • 3 gr of leaf gelatin
  • 130 gr of chocolate (in assortment)
  • 400 ml of milk
  • 350 gr of granulated sugar
  • 1 egg (30 gr)
  • 210 gr of almonds
  • 10 gr of powdered sugar
  • 15 ml of extra olive oil
  • 450 gr of rhubarb
  • 125 ml of waterThe recipe is divided into several components therefore try to follow instructions accurately. 

    Step 1. Cut white sweet cherry in halves, remove stones, sprinkle with powdered sugar and put it in a dehydrator. Cut red sweet cherry in halves and remove stones.

    Step 2. Elastic ganach

    Pour 150 ml of cream in a stewpan,  crumble 70 gr of chocolate and put it on a water bath. Stir until chocolate thaws. Add some coffee, trimoline, gelatin soaked in water beforehand and agar-agar  to this paste. Mix it up. Put the resulting paste in a tray so that its height was about 0.5 cm. Put it into the refrigerator. Before serving: cut the ganach into strips when stiffened.

    Step 3. Almond ice cream.

    Mix 100 ml of cream, 300 ml of milk and 100 g of sugar. Cook on a water bath at 82 degrees, then add 20 gr of the crushed fried almonds. Mix everything and freeze. Then put in a special machine for ice cream cooking – Paco Jet.

    Step 4. Rhubarb puree.­

    Put 150 gr of sugar in a stewpan and heat it on average heat until yellowish caramel appears. Try not to stir slowly, otherwise sugar crystallizes. Then we add the rhubarb crushed in the blender to a stewpan and mix quickly. The paste has to be dense. Then put it in blender and crush once again. Put in the refrigerator.

    Step 5. Almond milk.

    Boil 100 ml of milk, add almonds, olive oil, powdered sugar and boil it all. Then blend it.

    6 step. Burned chocolate.

    Put 60 gr of chocolate on a frying pan, melt it and stir until granules appear.

    Serving: Lay out strips of an elastic ganash on a plate, pour almond milk and a portion of ice cream on it. Serve rhubarb puree next to the ice cream. Decorate the dish with two types of sweet cherry, prepared beforehand, burned chocolate and roasted almonds.

    The dish is ready. Bon appetit!

    Recipe: Uilliam Lamberti, Georgy Troyan.



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