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Special menu for kids was launched in Nofar restaurant.

The chef of Nofar restaurant selected hits from the menu and united them. Small portions and bright serving will be the best option for a kid. While the diner is cooking, children can color eastern tails. On Saturday and Sunday professional animators entertain children.

As a starter you may try tomato, radish and cucumber salad with sour cream or olive oil (250 rubles). As a first course you may try light chicken soup (150 rubles), vegetable soup (150 rubles) or mini lamb dumplings in vegetable broth (150 rubles). Meat, suluguni or herbs qutabs (150 rubles per 1) represent second course. You may also try salmon steak (450 rubles), chicken cutlets (250 rubles), veal with vegetables (400 rubles). For the side dish you may order baked potato (150 rubles), grilled corn (150 rubles) or French fries (150 rubles).