Back to news Tasty and freshly baked bread at Nofar restaurant


Variants of homemade bread in Nofar restaurant.

The assortment of bread in Nofar consist of four positions, which are made in the restaurant itself. The technology of baking three of them (pita, bagel and frena) is very easy. The dough is leavened and baked in the authentic oven from Samarkand.

The most common variant is thin, flat and light pita, which is empty inside. It is made from flour and water. It perfectly matches salads with yoghurt dressing and any kind of mese.

Another bread is sweet frena, which is plump, airy and yummy. It matches Moroccan dishes with spicy sauces.

Bagel rings are abundantly strewed with sesame seeds. But they are not as sweet as frena.

The fourth type is Moroccan cracker. It fits Shuk salad.