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SNC’s restaurant observer Sasha Sutormina – about the main gastronomic event of the week.


The week is broken – Monday is not Monday, Monday is Wednesday. However, there are less workdays – those, who enjoy relaxing and hitting places rather then working hard, will be pleased, as well as our restaurant guide, half of which is somehow about cocktails.

T’utenkov’s “Severyane”. Finally.


Basically nothing can be written, you will go there anyway (and you’ll do the right thing). But here are at least couple of words: when we have almost stopped believing, Ilya T’utenkov with companions opened “Severyane” – his new and so long-awaited project just next door to “Ugolek”. The construction was drawn out on months, chef Georgy Troyan under Uilliam Lambertis supervision reinvented dishes about 80 times, Tut’enkov, whom I met at Pinch, told absently: “Tore the menu apart once again yesterday, don’t know myself, when will we open”. And here it is.

The main place of Moscow for the nearest future is certain – strong impression right from the doorstep. It seems like everyone got a bit tired of Natalya Belonogova’s interiors – but here she shows a new level of mastery, with dark-blue walls, vermilion table and a throne in a spirit of “Game of thrones”. Music adds some voodoo – and now you are already somewhere in another dimension, not even having made an order.


Everything is made on the stove. The menu is not small, starters for 500-700 rubles, soups starting from 500, entrees – from 700 for a perch with fennel to 2100 for ribeye. Plus an extra section of dishes for a company and a bunch of root vegetables and baked vegetables. From the appetizers I remembered tartare with buckwheat and parmesan and celery with truffle. What’s for the desserts, take them all, just all of them, – there are only four – they get given away for 450 rubles. Cottage cheese with melted ice-cream and sallowthorn comes to me in my dreams now, baked apple with ice-cream of beer will soon replace cottage cheese there.

What’s for the cocktails, I can recommend something in the middle between Margarita and cucumber pickle/brine. However, the wine selection is very standard – and starting from 500 rubles for a glass. This T’utenkov’s favorite enormous too designer glass.

Detailed review is coming soon – there we will give a closer look to this damned magic.