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Uilliam Lamberti and Arkady Novikov told about the new collaborative project Nofar.

On Monday at Badaevskiy brewery Moroccan restaurant Nofar of Arkady Novikov and Uilliam Lamberti will be opened. RBC Style found out what made two gastronomic stars to unite and will the Moroccan cuisine become a metropolitan trend.


For those who are interested in gastronomic life of Moscow the union of Novikov and Lamberti is almost like Al Pachino and Robert De Niro. Who did come up with an idea to create this restaurant?

Arkady Novikov: Firstly it was Uilliam’s idea. He came to me and said: “Arkady, I have an idea to create Moroccan restaurant”. I answered: “And I have a space for it”. We went there, looked and brought together partners and made this. We are chef and businessmen, who always look for something new.


Yes, but why exactly Moroccan? After all, when you want to create a restaurant of a specific cuisine, you should understand it. Did you somehow explore it?

Arkady Novikov: I am so opinionated, that I am sure I know everything. My wife says that it is a big problem.

Uilliam Lamberti: It happened with me purely instinctively. To tell the truth, I have never been to Morocco, but I was in Israel, where I have met chefs who introduced Moroccan cuisine to me. So we created Moroccan restaurant thanks to another country. Moroccans are also cooking here, but our dishes are lighter then the traditional one – they are not so spicy for example, and there are some Mediterranean touches.

Arkady Novikov: My opinion is different. I suppose that we should cook authentic, spicy and bright dishes like in Morocco. I also have never been to Morocco, but I ate at Moroccan restaurants. I think that cooking bright dishes we will differ from others. There are many dishes in Moroccan cuisine, which taste like Azerbaijan, for example. But we should stand out and for this we should cook something very spicy. So we disagree with Uilliam in this point. But the main thing is we similarly think how the food should look like.