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The best cocktails in Moscow: “Severyane”


We tell you what to order in bars

To approach a bar counter, you need to pass the red table, looking like a red carpet, to the depth of the hall. There, next to the wall, is a tiny bar. It is too cramped for five people, but you can always ask a barman to make a cocktail for you and to go towards the exit or outside with it.

Artyom Sidorov is in charge of the bar. And here cocktails are fundamentally different from any other Ilya Tyutenkov and Uilliam Lamberti’s restaurants. The bar continues the theme of the Russian spirit. A lot of local herbs, author liqueurs, unexpected twists of familiar plots, products of Russian origin – as competent participants of cocktails.

All liqueurs, that go under the beautiful title of  “cordial” here, undergo a difficult process.  Herbs, berries and other components are mixed with pure alcohol basis, vacuum-processed and sent to sous-vide to spend some time  in their own juice at low temperatures. Cordial is a basis of the cocktail card, its root. On the basis of liqueurs guys invent cocktails. Here are three of them that should be tried first of all.

White Crow


The task was simple: to make a strong, but fresh cocktail. And the result is summer sour with Calvados and gin, infused on olives, in basis plus indispensable protein. Decorated with a bud of tea rose.



Peculiar answer to the well-known Bloody Mary. Her distant relative, so to say. However, the  cocktail is not red, but green. Instead of tomato juice — fermented tomatoes and soaked apple. They do mashed potatoes of them which is mixed with cordial based on hooch (there are also celery and pineapple). Served with microgreens and mushrooms. It is a wonderful cure for hangover: snack and binge in one glass. But don’t get carried away.

Minister of oil


Once Artyom thumbed through a news feed and saw the message that in one Arab country the minister of oil decided to increase mining. This phrase “minister of oil” turned to be so catchy that it was decided to invent a cocktail in honor of it. It was clear that this cocktail had to be majestic.Therefore it is served in a high glass for sparkling wines. In a basis there are gin, infused on a black-fruited mountain ash, plus lavender syrup with addition of a mountain lemongrass, a bit of Prosecco, and the gentle cap of sea-buckthorn foam tops the composition.