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The Village Guide: Where to eat in Moscow during May holidays


Project by founders of semi-secret dinner parties and cheerful Stay Hungry street parties. Main things on the menu are all sorts of variations on the chicken theme: wings, neck, steak, curry with lemongrass and finely chopped chicken and finally grilled chicken. Breakfasts (fried eggs, boiled eggs and poached eggs, sandwiches and granola) are served throughout the whole day.


Table Cafe on Lesnaya Street

Lesnaya Str., 45

+7 (968) 393-86-68

Secluded cafe with seven tables on the first floor of one of the houses between “Novoslobodskaya” metro station and the White square. The menu consists of a single page: seven kinds of breakfast (cereal, eggs, potato pancakes, granola, toasts and croissants), served throughout the day, salads and sandwiches. Dinners come in three times a week – on Fridays and weekends. In charge of coffee in the Table is Nastya Godunova of Good Enough.3

“Severyane” on Bolshaya Nikitskaya street

Bolshaya Nikitskaya st., 12

+7 (499) 700-08-98

Restaurant by Ugolek, Pinch and Uilliam’s owners  – restaurateur Ilya Tyutenkov and chef Uilliam Lamberti, is door to door with Ugolek. The name should not be misleading: the cuisine in “Severyane” (“Northerners”) is neither northern nor primordially Russian. Main courses at “Severyane” are cooked in two Russian stoves and on a grill.4

Mushrooms on Bolshaya Yakimanka Street

Str. B.Yakimanka, 22

+7 (495) 995-21-78

The restaurant that opened in January 2016 in the “Hymen” shopping center, is owned by Boris Zarkov’s restaurant holding White Rabbit Family. In charge of the kitchen here is Ilya Zakharov, who was assisted by the brand-chef Vladimir Mukhin. The main delicacy in the restaurant is truffle, they sell it at cost price, and offer to add it to any dish. Besides, here you can find one of the best pizzas in Moscow.


Chicken Run on Arbat

Str. Arbat 1

+7 (495) 280-37-67

At the base of Chicken Run menu is chicken. The poultry, which meat is used in this place, is being grown on the farm in the Kaluga region. In charge of the kitchen is brand-chef Mark Statsenko, who previously collaborated with Ginza Project restaurant holding.


«Erwin RekaMoreOkean”

Kutuzov Avenue, 2/1, p. 6

+7 (495) 785-02-22

Alexander Rappoport’s restaurant on Kutuzov Avenue with great selection of seafood. For example, here you can order fettuccine with langoustines, a phalanx of red king crab, bruschetta with crab and more. Fish for this place is caught mainly on the territory of Russia. The restaurant also has caviar and oyster bars.




Tsvetnoy Boulevard, 5

+7 (499) 290-02-15

Arkady Novikov’s Restaurant on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. The basis of the menu are Russian products: fish from Murmansk, beef from Bryansk, Voronezh rabbit and vegetables from Russian farmers.



Str. Mytnaya 74

+7 (968) 632-38-27

Affordable grill cafe by White Rabbit Family restaurant holding, located on the territory of the Danilovsky market. On the menu of “Tsypa-tsypa”- grilled chicken under tom yum marinade: you can buy a whole chicken or a half, or the fourth part.

Max’s Beef for Money

Bolshoy Kozikhinskiy lane, 4

+7 (985) 766-05-78

Steakhouse at “Tverskaya” metro station. Restaurant supplies Angus beef for their dishes from their own bio-farm in the Leningrad region. After slaughtering the meat is kept in the fermentation chamber for 28 days right in the restaurant.



Ermolaevsky lane, 7

+7 (967) 168-85-36

Vegetarian workshop that has moved to Patriarch’s Ponds from Kitay-gorod. No signboard or permanent menu yet. If you want to pay a visit, it is better to call in advance .