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Uilliam Lamberti: “I think that we should spoil children!”


In anticipation of the main children holiday and the beginning of summer Uilliam Lamberti shared with his childhood memories, told about his kids and suggested brilliant recipe for little gourmets.

To my mind, it is great that international children’s Day is celebrated on June, 1st, because summer is always a holiday for all the children. That is why I want to dedicate my first summer column to all the children and, of course, to their parents.

In Italy, as in many other countries, June, 1st is celebrated as International Day for Protection of Children. At the beginning of June, 1st school studies end and summer holidays begin. By the way, Italian education system is quite different from the Russian one. Children study at primary school (Scuola elementare) for 5 years, and they enter it at the age of 6. After leaving primary school children enter secondary and then high school, where studying lasts 8 years in total. Secondary school (Scuola secondaria di primo grado) is supposed to last 3 years (from 11 to 14 years), in high school studying takes 5 years (approximately at the age from 14 to 19). Depending on their interests, Italian teenagers are able to choose one out of three secondary school types:

Lyceum provides theoretical knowledge with specialization in some particular research sphere – for instance, in humanitarian sciences or art; less attention is drawn to technical and practical education. Technical college (Istituto tecnico) suggests both theoretical education and specialization in particular research sphere (e.g., in economics, humanitarian sciences, management, law, technology, tourism).

Institute (Istituto professionale) prepares people for concrete trading enterprise, some craft or other job.

I’ve got four children; two of them live with me in Moscow now. They go to common comprehensive school. At first we wanted to place her in private Moscow school, but when I heard two girls from this school gossiping about what car do each parent owns, I understood that I don’t want Nastya and Michele to study there.


Of course, I spend most of the time at work, that is why upbringing is mostly on my wife. I’m not very strict as a dad, I try to spend with my children as much time as possible, to have fun, to play, We often go somewhere together, spend much time outdoors, walk around in a park, visit museums and theaters, enjoy dining in a restaurant.

Sundays, traditionally, we spend in a family circle. That is weird, but I rarely cook something for them – I simply haven’t got enough time. If I do something on our kitchen, it is mostly breakfasts. However, my children say their favorite dish is Nutella! Actually me and my wife support an opinion that children should eat healthy food. We try to do so that there were fruits, vegetables, meat and butter in their ration. But we treat them with sweets from time to time, how can we not to.

Me myself knew since the very childhood that I’m going to be a cook. I even told my mom that I will open my own restaurant, and I was only eleven back then.

My youngest son Mica is only five, but he has already decided that he will become a cook, like his dad did. Well, if he actually will follow my steps, I won’t be against it. My daughter Nastya is twelve, she sings very well, she is a member of “Neposedy” company, has won number of singing competitions. We try to support everything she does, even wanted to allow her participate in the “Voice. Children” TV-show. The main thing is that hobbies should not distract her from studying. We pay a lot attention to our children’s education, teach them foreign languages. They learn English, and besides, I teach them Italian a little bit. Also Mica does aikido and plays football, he enjoys sport.

Actually, I think that we should spoil children, with tasty food – as well. And if it is healthy, then great! I want to share with you a recipe of pasta with vegetables, because vegetables season is coming and we want to cook it so, that children would eat it with pleasure. I think that adults will enjoy this dish as well!

Tagliatelle with season vegetables




Tagliatelle 60 gr

Green pea (fresh) 20 gr

Asparagus 20 gr

Fresh sweet tomatoes 60 gr

Garlic 2 gr

Thyme 2 gr

Mustard sprouts 2 gr

Butter 20 gr

Olive oil 5 gr

Salt to taste, a pinch of sugar


Blanch asparagus and green pea, parcook.

Put garlic and thyme on a hot pan, roast and remove to get fragrant oil.

Roast green pea and asparagus in a fragrant oil, add to them tagliatelle, cooked beforehand.

Put butter in the pan, add salt and – at the very end – tomatoes. Span everything; add more butter, if necessary.

The dish can be decorated with cress and mustard leaves before serving.