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Uilliam Lamberti on Channel One


Uilliam Lamberti – the most fashionable chef in the capital – is now the lead role in a new show on Channel One.

The premier of this original project is showing on Channel One on 21st September – it will be an entertaining cooking show “A History of Russian Cuisine”, representing the diversity and charm of Russian cuisine. And the leading chef will be a foreigner!
The Italian Uilliam Lamberti is the most fashionable chef in the capital. He has lived in Moscow since 1996. He worked with Arkady Novikov, who was then the brand-chef of the supermarket “Azbuka Vkusa” (ABC of Taste). Today, from the 2011 opening of the restaurant Uilliam’s, Uilliam Lamberti has added a few more, no less successful projects, including Zupperia, Honest U.L., Ugolek and the gastropub GlenUill. The new program will reveal all Uilliam’s trade secrets! He will present the viewer with traditional, familiar, childhood dishes, retaining their individuality, but at the same time creating something entirely new.
The co-host of the show has become an expert in the history of Russian cuisine – restaurateur and renowned promoter Anatoly Liapidevskii.
Each program combines historical information about the era, stories, events, people and the circumstances under which specific dishes came about. Thus, for the first time on screen a complete written “biography” of Russian cuisine will be shown.
The challenge of the new project – to be fun and informative and to show the diversity of Russian cuisine. A cookbook on the map of Russia: from border to border. After all, Russian cuisine is not just the usual dishes of central Russia, but also the culinary richness of our republics of Adygea, Ingushetia, Kalmykia and other regions.