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Uilliam Lamberti

We complete the submission of the nominees for the “Man of the Year” award in the restaurant category. Uilliam Lamberti – is the perfect illustration of the thesis that being a chef is the new rock star. And this fact is certainly emphasised with all his tattoos.

The career of a real musician starts with a good instrument and a sincere love for it. Cut from the same mould are the guitar of Brian May, the flute of Yan Anderson, the bayan of Fedor Chistyakov. With this love the entire albums are completed – and very good ones at that.

Here is Lamberti’s first project, Uilliam’s – also, incidentally, named quite like a musical by using simply his name – which revolves around a grand, bright red kitchen with many ovens, knobs, switches of different arrays – almost electro. As befits a novice, solo musician’s debut album, Lamberti shows a full set of ideas that he has accumulated in his head.

He mixes absolutely everything that can be mixed, on one plate; the mini-rock opera that is “salad of duck confit,” flirting with folk themes in the folk song of “beet risotto with foie gras” and he doesn’t forget about his female audience, with the charming romantic song of “Clafoutis with cherries and almonds.” It is all played out a hundred percent, with all the tastes going through the roof and the growls and heat which radiate from the stove. The albums are selling out like hot cakes and enthusiastic fans keep coming back for more, Uilliam doesn’t have the time to change his pens spent on signing autographs.

Loaded with his debut success, the author sits down for the second album. Which, of course, is about the principle of: “the first album was full of what they wanted to hear from me – the producers, the radio DJs and the crowds of fans, but in the second restaurant I will personally cook what you would like me to.”

Thus emerged Honest UL. A modest and inconspicuous cloud – climb the ladder to God knows what floor, hidden in the store’s courtyard. Inside is calmer than Uiliam’s, and the menu contains only the radio hits instead of his experimental compositions with ethnic motifs. There isn’t a patty in between the burger buns, instead you will find a fried soft shelled crab, served with mashed Peruvian purple potatoes. There is also an absolute thriller – the raspberry cake, which has won over lots of hearts.

What is a real rock star supposed to do after the super-successful and commercial first album and copyright of the second chamber? Of course, start experimenting. In our situation – he composes a symphony for a dozen of century-old cast-iron ovens, collected by the author from the far flu American outback and have been carefully restored. And let the music series, ie gastronomic critics observe the fermentation made at the highest level of music, that is the restaurant “Ugolek”, which has broken all sales records and hits like the black “Caesar” [salad], pasta kaputti with marrowbone and thoroughly minced burgers are amongst the biggest sellers.

And then, of course, only the production activity remains – on the second floor of “Ugolek” another restaurant has opened, Leveldva, where every two weeks the chef is changed and they bring with them a newly prepared and original menu, designed specifically for this place.

Rock and roll lives.