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Uilliam Lamberti’s greetings


I’ve lived in Russia for quite a long time and I know that long holidays at the beginning of May are one of the most favorite in Russia. A friend of mine even says that Russians live during entire year for the May holidays and the New Year. Actually, I agree with him. Due to the fact that exactly at these days nice warm weather eventually comes to Russia, Russians have a tradition of celebrating the May holidays outdoors, going on a picnic with family and friends.

In Italy we also celebrate Labor Day on May 1. However, we have only one day-off, so we cannot make a small holiday, unfortunately. In fact, the tradition of celebrating Labor Day has appeared in Italy long ago. The first demonstration of workers took place in Rome on May 1, 1989. At that time workers advocated for the 8-hour working day and higher wages, because the conditions in which they worked, were just back-breaking. Now the historical meaning of the holiday has lost its relevance, but on May 1 there are still organized marches in big cities. It is symbolic that in Russia May the 1st holiday is called Spring and Labor Day. It seems to me that now the majority of people celebrate spring coming. Due to the fact that there are several days off one can afford to go somewhere and to spend more time with family. During last years me, my wife and children used to travel abroad often – we were in Thailand, Turkey, visited relatives in Italy. However, this year we decided to stay in Moscow.

My daughter, besides studying, goes to “Neposedy” dancing section, she has heavy loads there – she really needs to concentrate on trainings. But I think that we will not miss our out-of-town tradition. Besides, weather these days in Moscow is really summerish. We will get together with all the friends and go on a picnic.

By the way, apart from traditional for Russia shashlik, I usually take some traditional Italian dishes on a picnic. For example, in Italy there is huge number of different types of sandwiches. One of my favorite is so called “Italian sandwich”. You are to put vegetables, cooked meat and cheese between two pieces of bread, then bake it all on a grill up to delicious crust. Classic recipe can be varied by adding a little bit of vegetable ragout or olives.

Moreover, outdoors it would be very convenient to snack with pizza calzone. It is a closed pizza, kind of pie made of yeast dough, stuffing for which can be anything.

Try to cook all these dishes, take beautiful tableware, traveling rug and shuttlecock with you and to go on a nature trip with big amicable company – to enjoy sun beams and birdsong.

And today is the long-awaited holiday of May 9  – Victory Day! In Russia and Italy this day will be remembered forever. I congratulate everyone on this holiday of life, thanks to our ancestors for peace, which they have gifted to us. Let us learn from past mistakes and never repeat them! Everything is in our hands.

I congratulate all the readers and wish a wonderful recreation!

Yours, Uilliam Lamberti.