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Uilliam’s. A professional always knows what he wants.


Uilliam’s restaurant won in the category Discovery of the Year of the portal Best restaurant Award in Moscow in 2011.

Chef and co-owner of the Uilliam’s restaurant Uilliam Lamberti answered questions.

How could you describe your own cooking style?

– I’ve traveled a lot, gained experience, so my personal cooking style is a kind of a mix, where I combine a little of everything. I cannot give it to any concrete style. It’s my imagination, emotions, feelings that I want convey to visitors.

What dish would you name as a calling card of Uilliam’s? And personally yours?

– All of them. I cannot be more specific. It is necessary to be active, continuously come up with new ideas, you cannot stop at one thing. We change the menu every month. And every month there is a “hit” dish. To name just one thing is to say nothing. We do a lot of work related to the creation of meals, we have a lot of thinking and a lot of work. There is a dish associated with the history of Uilliam’s – a “Risotto with parmesan and beef tartar”. It was very popular among our guests. Unfortunately, many restaurants have started to copy it. We don’t want to be like other restaurants, we don’t want people to get used to the same dish, that’s why we had to abandon it.

What qualities must a real pro have?

– Profession itself is opposite of simple. Many cooks want to be top class chefs right in a few years. Unfortunately, it’s impossible, due to the time that the work takes. A pro always knows, what he wants and seeks it.