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Uilliam’s. Created by chef.


Uilliam’s is a trendy, cozy place with a big open kitchen, right in the center. For the last 2 years it’s definitely «the place to be» on Patriarshie prudi area. The owner and chef – Uilliam Lamberti, is a super charismatic person, has a very creative mind in gastronomy.

From the very opening, finding a table here, has been a true mission. Even the steps near the panoramic windows, have been occupied by the fashionable representatives of Moscow social life. Uilliam’s guests love to discuss politics, fashion and business ventures while having a glass of refreshing wine. The parking here will surprise you with its combination of cool bicycles and Lamborghinis.
Must-try: You won’t go wrong with the breakfast dishes here. Pick whatever is on offer! If you are after something more substantial, order Duck confit with honey sauce, crab bruschetta or a chilian seabass. And try Uilliam’s cookies with a cup of aroma Machiatto.
Type of cuisine: Italian fusion.
Atmosphere: trendy.
Who to meet: famous tennis players, designers, editors in chief, photographers, artists, businessmen and even famous chefs, who come to pay tribute to Uilliam’s fantasy.

Good to know: Try to book a table in advance.