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Just around the corner from the calm oasis that is Patriarch’s Pond (the famous setting of Bulgakov’s novelThe Master and Margarita) it is impossible to miss the Uilliam’s, a restaurant so popular that guests are literally spilling out onto the street to continue the party.
Since it’s opening two years ago, Uilliam’s, the brain child of Italian owner-chef Uilliam Lamberti, has not known a quiet day. It has fast become one of the most popular restaurants in Moscow.

Uilliam’s may be small (only 60 seats) but the vibrant and energetic atmosphere is contagious with a mixture of local Muscovites and ex-pats holding forth. The decor is simple but homely, in the style of a neighbourhood Parisian bistro, with big French windows opened in the summer to form window seats, where guests can enjoy the warm Moscow nights until the sky gets light. The most distinguishing feature of the restaurant is the Molteni kitchen situated in the centre of the room, with a bar in front of it, where guests can watch their meals prepared, chosen from a menu that is not quite Italian, not quite French and not quite Russian but a totally unique and delicious fusion. Worth mentioning is the Chilean sea bass, so tender it virtually melts in your mouth.

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