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Uilliam Lamberti speaks about personal time and discovers the details of his biography.

Uilliam, how did you become the man you are today?

I always wanted this and strived to it from the childhood. Of course I achieved this gradually, not in one moment. Six years ago I realized that kitchen process is not enough for me.

So high cuisine was not enough for you?

I would say that I wanted to have a more integrated view and to discover other fields.


Now you are responsible not only for the restaurants?

That is true. I’m responsible for the projects with wider gastronomic nuances.

When did you come to Moscow?

It was the 6-th of 7-th January of 1996. I was born in a small Italian city called Ankona, where is always warm. The first thought was that it would be tough here in Moscow.


You are very famous chef. This profession requires gigantic concentration. How do you plan your time?

Time is the most terrible enemy for me. It is hard to be always on time. I have very tight timetable. However I manage to da lots of things during the day.

Is it comfortable for you to use watches while cooking.

Yes, chronograph is that kind of function I always use.